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Thursday, 25 June 2009

Vice squad tour update 2

Now thursday and we are currently heading into Portland - looking forward to playing tonight. Been to the Satyricon and we have been here twice before. Also in Portland is the best Chinese restaurant we have ever been to. It is a dedicated Vegetarian chinese where the food is shaped and textured like various meats and fish. Hopefully we will have time to swing by before we leave for Seattle tomorrow.

Previous two shows were in San Francisco on Sunday and we had a good amount of people come out despite them having a weekend of punk shows in the area. Thee Parkside is a smaller gig but is much fun and the crowd lapped it up. Next day was Sparks / Reno area and the turn out was fantastic it was really full and a Monday night too. The Brats ripped it up as usual and we kicked it big time. Had a party back at the hotel / casino in Reno. Vice Squad and LC Brats hanging out till 5.30 am, we sunk some beers alongside the guys and our tour manager Big Mike and driver / tech German, who are both totally awesome guys.

Tuesday day off so we hung out some more and hit Reno and the excellent Hideout Club till late. Weds journey took us to Medford to play our first ever record store gig. What a fantastic show too - the kids were amazing - we had over 100 sweaty and crazy fans rocking out in probably the hottest show so far...... some kids hitched from 100+ miles away and to them and all the other Medford Punk Pirate Crew - we salute you.

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When is Vice Squad coming to Florida?