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Sunday, 21 June 2009

Tour update from Vice Squad

Well, today we are heading off for our 3rd gig on Vice Squad's US West Coast jaunt. Santa Barbara is nothing short of heaven, shame we have to head off first thing to San Francisco but hey..that's life on the road. We have a great road manager in 'Big Mike' and wonderful crew guy 'German' who looks like a young Robert Trujillo. Nick Savin is our drummer out here and I can't put into words how nice, down-to-earth and talented this guy is. There is definitely a difference in how US drummers play to UK ones they all have certain quirks which is great for us to experience. It is gonna be hard finding a trunk big enough to fit him in when trying to ship him back to the UK...ha ha...
I hope to post some photos and video soon, please subscribe to our blog.

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