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Friday, 3 July 2009

Monday June 29th - A long, arduous drive to Salt Lake City was relieved by coming up with our 'Vegas" names. At a New Jersey hotel in 2001 the receptionist misread Lumpy's details on his passport and called him 'Rodney London', which the rest of us found highly amusing. This tour we decided that everyone has to have a Vegas name so Nick now goes under the moniker of Lionel Smooth, Wayne is Ronnie Leather, Big Mike is Larry 'El Grande' Dwight, Beki is Tina Maccaroni and German is Engelbert 'The Ram' Ramirez. We are collectively known as 'The Twat Pack'. We've also given LCB Vegas names: Deke Saturn, Long John 'The Blond' Jeblonski, Dean Marty and Dicky De Vere. Brats merch man is not dubbed Dwaine 'the dollar' L'amour... Ah well, little things please little minds!!!

We had a great show at Salt Lake City, the Monday night crowd were brilliant, and made it worth the long hors stuck in the van.

After the show we drove till 5am then checked in to a hotel and tried to get some much needed kip.

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Vice squad tour update 3

Life on the road can be for the most part boring and very tiring. Aside from listening to music and trying to raise spirits the band and crew tell jokes and come up with weird and strange stuff - like inventing imaginary things to buy from truck stops when re fueling etc. Examples are Elvis beef jerky Sandals, Musical Nazi commemorative dinner service, and See thru Umbrella bottle opener combo.....yep...driving 6-8 hours a day drives you crazy.
Friday 26th June - we were totally spaced out as the hotel in Portland seemed to cater for 24 hour noise and party merchants which is not ideal when you need to catch up on sleep.We did not sleep till around 9am and then the hotel piped dance music at full blast thru the balcony speakers...not nice !!! Don't get me wrong we can party with the best of 'em but we hung out with fans / strangers till 4 am after a storming 100 degree sell-out show at Satyricon so we can't be accused of being 'lightweight'. We made it to the Veggie Chinese which was amazing and even the meat eaters loved the food and could not believe how realistic mock chicken, beef and prawns were. Stayed in a posh hotel 2 mins from El Corazon in Seattle. The gig was very respectable, great crowd and a success. We found English Cider and wow...that was it.. everyone partying till early hours again. We had some snotty looks from the hotel receptionists and guests when we checked out next day all looking like the punk bastard living dead. Headed out to Spokane for saturday gig, only just managed to get rooms as there was 'Hoop Fest' taking place where hundreds of basketball teams come from all over the world to compete on the streets of Spokane for competition prizes etc. Small show at the Cretin Hop but what a fantastic show. TC and the guys made us very welcome and comfortable. the fans were top. Only problem was not being able to get beer as we needed passport i.d. No worries a convoy of band and fan vehicles went back to TC and wifes house for another drink fest. We got in about 5am !